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From the moment that scientists have determined that human blood is not the same for everyone, and is divided into groups, the direction of research scientists could easily predict – what is the difference between people with different blood group and what they have in common.

When humanity was divided into groups according to the composition of blood? Why did this happen?

By asking these questions and answering them, scientists could not link a group of human blood and its supply system. So there was blood group diet is very popular in the last few years. It is based on a very simple principle – people with a certain blood type should eat what people ate at a time when the blood came. Thus, the very nature of the man said that out of food for him at this stage in the most favorable. It is noted, for example, that the blood group diet not only improves the digestive tract and metabolism, but also dramatically enhances immunity, there is a description of several cases in which this diet eliminates the symptoms of allergies.

Blood groups and human nutrition

Humanity has four blood groups. They have appeared at different times, at a time when the radically changed way of life and, consequently, its power. Hence, blood and food are closely related and support each other – this is the foundation of the diet for blood group.

Initially, all the people had only one blood group – respectively, the first one. The main food of the people in this period was the meat.

Later, when people have mastered farming, began to lead a more sedentary lifestyle, they were eating more plant foods, and that farmers have had a second blood type.

Later, the era of the Great Migration. Came home skot.V this period formed the third group of blood. The third group of blood for the first time became consumed milk.

The fourth group of blood is believed to mean the end of the migration period and mixing the second and third groups.

Is it possible to lose weight on a diet of blood?

It is possible. Losing weight in the process of following the recommendations of nutritionists is not due to the severe limitations inherent in many diets, but because the body to give food to the MDM it historically and biologically inclined. Hence, metabolism, immune system stronger. The body itself gets rid of toxins and excess fat. And you lose weight!

Of course, for 2 weeks, or even a month does not put the body itself. It takes time.

Let us briefly examine as to whether blood group diet opportunity to lose weight, because most diets are used for this purpose. The answer is yes, and, as we have Therefore, blood group diet is more suitable for those who want to lose weight is not a holiday or beach season, but really, there were problems with my health and figure and wants to get healthier, lose weight even if not fast, but the quality and forever.

Blood group diet menus

Diet for the first group of blood

1 blood – “Hunter”. The oldest blood type. From it in the process of evolution took place the other groups. 33.5% of the population belongs to this type. Characterized as a strong, confident leader.

Strengths: An excellent digestive system, a strong immune system is designed to preserve and efficient metabolism of nutrients.

Weaknesses: hard to adapt to changes in diet and environmental conditions, sometimes the immune system is too active and effective against the organism (allergies).

Risks: poor blood clotting, inflammation (arthritis), increased acidity of the stomach (ulcers), allergies.

For the diet for blood group diet, the following:

- Diet high protein – meat eaters
- Good: meat (except pork), fish, seafood, vegetables and fruits (except sour), pineapple, bread – rye, in limited quantities.
- Limit: cereal, especially oatmeal, wheat and products thereof ( including bread). Beans and buckwheat – you can.
- Avoid: Cabbage (except broccoli), wheat, and all articles of wood, corn, and all articles of wood, pickles, ketchup.
- The drinks are good: green tea, herbal tea from rose hips, ginger, mint, cayenne pepper, licorice, lime, seltzer water
- Drinks neutral: beer, wine, red and white, chamomile tea, ginseng, sage, valerian, raspberry leaf,
- Drinks harmful: coffee,

If you want to lose weight, eating your blood group, respectively, it is necessary to exclude: fresh cabbage, beans, corn, wheat, citrus fruits, ice cream, sugar, pickles, potatoes.

Help to lose weight and lose weight: algae (brown kelp), fish and seafood, iodized salt, meat, especially beef, lamb, liver, greens, lettuces, spinach, broccoli, radishes

Recommended vitamins and supplements: vitamins, vitamin K, calcium, manganese, iodine, licorice root, seaweed, pancreatic enzyme.

Avoid: Vitamin A, Vitamin E.

If you have one positive blood type diet is the same as a negative Rh factor – there is no difference.

The program also includes weight reduction – a very intense exercise such as aerobics, skiing, running, swimming

Diet for a second group of blood

The 2nd group of blood – “farmer”. This type originated in the transition from the ancient way of life (hunters) to a more settled, agrarian way of life. 37.8% of the population – the representatives of this type. Characteristic features – constancy, sedentary life, a good adaptation to work in a team and organization.

Strengths: highly adaptable to changes in diet and environment, immune and digestive systems are very effective if enforced proper diet (vegetarian).

Weaknesses: fragile digestive tract, weak immune system, open to all infections, increased sensitivity of the nervous system.

If you have a second blood group diet, the following:

Full vegetarian, soy, vegetables, green salads, whole grains, legumes, fruits (except sour – orange, tangerine, rhubarb, papaya, bananas, coconuts), fish (excluding flounder, halibut, herring, caviar, seafood), sugar – moderately from milk can be low-fat cheese and sour milk.

Recommended drinks – coffee, green tea, red wine.

Juices – carrot, pineapple, grapefruit, cherry. Water with lemon juice.

Avoid – orange juice, black tea, sodas all.

If you eliminate the need to control weight: chicken and turkey, dairy, wheat, any pepper, cream and sugar.

Vitamins and nutritional supplements – vitamins B, C, E, calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, chromium, bifidumbakterin, herbal tea, ginseng, echinacea.

Diet 2 blood group aura is the same as for Rhesus negative.

Diet for blood group

3 blood – “Nomad”. Approximately 20.6% of the population. Balanced, flexible, creative. This type originated as a result of the migration of races.

Strengths: A strong immune system, flexible adaptation to changes in diet and environmental conditions, a balanced nervous system. There is no inherent weaknesses, but imbalance in the diet may experience an autoimmune disease, and instability of the rare viruses.

Diet for blood group 3 is described as follows.

This is a group that can afford to different diets and methods of good nutrition as a result of adaptation to a variety of products. Mixed diet (balanced). ”Nomads” are omnivores, meat, fish, milk and low-fat, eggs, cereals (except buckwheat and wheat), legumes, vegetables (except corn, tomato, pumpkin, olives), fruit.

Diet and blood Grupe recommends avoiding: seafood, pork, chicken.

Recommended drink: green tea, herbal teas (licorice, ginseng, gingko biloba, sage, raspberry leaf), cranberry juice, cabbage, grape, pineapple. Neutral: orange juice, beer, wine, coffee, black tea,

You can not tomato juice.

If weight control, delete: corn, lentils, peanuts, buckwheat, wheat, tomatoes, pork.

Helps control weight: green salads, herbs, eggs, liver, beef, liquorice root, soybeans.

Vitamins and nutritional supplements – magnesium, lecithin, licorice, gingko-biloba, echinacea, bromelain

Catering to the fourth group of blood

4 blood – “Mixed.” 7-8% of the population. The fourth group of blood is the result of the evolution of a merger of two opposite types – A and B.

Strengths: The youngest group of blood, flexible, highly sensitive immune system combines advantages of types A and B.

Weaknesses: fragile digestive tract, too “open” the immune system, non-durable against microbial infections combines disadvantages of types A and B.

So, the blood group diet 4:

Moderately mixed diet meat (lamb, rabbit, turkey, fish, seafood except) milk products, cheese, soy cheese, olive oil, cod liver oil, walnuts, and peanuts, cereals (except buckwheat and maize), except paprika, black olives, fruits, except sharp and acidic.

Recommended drink: coffee, green tea, chamomile tea, ginseng, ginger, rose hips, echinacea, hawthorn,

Neutral: beer, wine, tea, mint, don-kuei, valerian, raspberry,

Not recommended: senna, lime and teas from them.

Weight control program does not recommend red meat, ham and bacon, sunflower seeds, buckwheat, pepper, wheat and corn.

Vitamins and dietary supplements – vitamin C, hawthorn, valerian, zinc, selenium, bromelain as a food enzyme

If you are interested in a particular blood group diet reviews about it you can find on the forum of our website.