Metabolism Starter Foods – Small Meals – Schedule



Metabolism Starter Foods – Small Meals – Schedule | How to speed up metabolism? Products for speeding up the metabolism.
“Why some can not eat cakes, meat and other high-calorie goodies almost daily tons, but the figure looks just perfect?”. Surely this question tormented and tormenting is not a girl. But the fact is that the reason is so characteristic of a person as the metabolism – the rate of metabolism in the body, from which, in turn, depends on the rate of conversion of food into energy. Fortunately, it is quite possible that the metabolism to slow down or speed up with the appropriate methods and products.

It should be noted that an acceleration of metabolism from the start of the day very easily-quality full breakfast. Lunching good people tend to have a lower weight and a much better health than individuals ignore it. And to speed up the metabolism should adhere to the following rules:

Do not drink alcohol and high-calorie foods.
Go for a walk in the fresh air more often.
Drink plenty of water (as 1.5-2 liters per day). It is the one place all of the major metabolic processes in the body. Little water – a low level and metabolism.
Keep a separate power supply system.
Eat less but more often. During frequent meals the body processes food more quickly, remove the nutrients. If the meals less, the level of metabolic rate will gradually decline, as the body will feel the lack of food.
Be sure to give yourself enough time to sleep.
Healthy Sleep

Overall, among the above rules can hardly find something that many did not know before. So let’s get to the food with which you can improve your metabolism:

Green tea is widely considered the best metabolism boosters in the morning of the day. However, since it stimulates metabolism for a comparatively short time, and then resort to its use to several times a day.
Pepper. Due to the presence in its composition kasaitsina pepper accelerate the metabolism of 25%. Moreover, this effect can last for several hours.
Dairy products. If you include dairy products in your daily diet, then over time the metabolic rate can increase by 70%.
Low-fat meat fish and chicken have a huge amount of protein that can accelerate to 50% of the body’s metabolism. This happens because of the difficulty digesting stomach like food.
Pure dark chocolate can significantly increase your metabolic rate, since it contains (or should contain) copper, potassium, endorphins, magnesium, flavonoids, and other useful elements to the body. Adversely affect the figure can only milk chocolates.
Citrus. Thanks to fruit acids, trace elements, vitamins and fiber, these fruits are very easy to work whipping up the metabolic processes, and generally have a positive effect on the cardiovascular, digestive, and even the immune system of the body.
Curry, ginger, herbs, cinnamon and other spices in their daily use can speed up metabolism by 10%.
Whole grains – perhaps the primary means to speed up the metabolism. They are part of the huge reserves of fat for digestion which the body needs more time and more effort. And due to the increase of these efforts, accelerating the metabolism just happens. It should be noted that whole grains vitamins, minerals and other vital substances have the property fully preserved, and adds them to additional dividends.
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In general, under all vyshenapisannym can sum up the traditional: eat less, but more often, drink lots of water, eat as many vegetables, fruits, milk, grains and other natural products, lead an active lifestyle, get enough sleep and often smile :)