Meal Plan To Reduce Body Fat Percentage



Meal Plan To Reduce Body Fat Percentage. As discussed in the second part, the main cause of the accumulation of fat in the human body is the increased consumption of uglevodov.Ne accident, the most commonly recommended by nutritionists diet is a diet which provides the minimum amount of carbohydrates in the diet with increased consumption of protein and moderate fat consumption. This does not mean that other diets are not effective, not at all. Any diet aimed at reducing the total number of calories will have some effect, but evidence-based and proven a huge mass of people is the one that is in the title of this article, although her name may sound differently (hyper-, Reduction).


           Meal Plan To Reduce Body Fat Percentage.  As discussed in the second part, the main cause of the accumulation of fat in the human body is the increased consumption of uglevodov.Ne accident, the most commonly recommended by nutritionists diet is a diet which provides the minimum amount of carbohydrates in the diet with increased consumption of protein and moderate fat consumption. This does not mean that other diets are not effective, not at all. Any diet aimed at reducing the total number of calories will have some effect, but evidence-based and proven a huge mass of people is the one that is in the title of this article, although her name may sound differently (hyper-, Reduction).

            What is its essence and characteristics?
First, the ratio of food components, carbohydrates, protein and fat per kilogram of body weight, which can and should be consumed during the day:
 Attention! These figures are given the high physical activity, that is at least three times a week to visit the gym or practicing aerobic exercise outdoors.
- The number of carbohydrates in the daily diet should be at the level of the following values:
Men 3 grams, 2 grams of women . Moreover, starting with breakfast each subsequent meal should contain less carbohydrate than the previous one, but on the night of carbohydrates is generally desirable to give, except when practiced later workout followed by a just one meal before bed (after a workout, you can boot carbohydrates even at night). That is, for breakfast you eat the largest share of the total planned amount of carbohydrates and each time it decreases. At breakfast, it is possible to consume carbohydrates with a high glycemic index (sm.predyduschie article in a series of “how to get rid of excess fat”).
- The number of proteins should be: Men 2 grams, 2 grams of women , which is approximately two times higher than the recommended intakes (CHP). The amount of protein in each meal can be equal.
- The amount of fat is: 1 gram of men, women 0.5 grams . The amount of fat taken during the day can be distributed in any way, but at night should be still smaller.
Thus, a physically active man weighing 90 kg, while following a low-carb diet should consume in a day 270 grams of carbs, 180 grams protein, 90 grams of fat, which will give 2,700 calories a day. For the physically inactive people and men and women, the recommended amount of carbohydrates a day to halve of the above, and the amount of protein and 1.5 grams per kilogram of body weight.
What are the benefits?
1.                   low carbohydrate diet over a relatively short period of time causes the organism to switch to use glucose as fuel deposit of fatty acids, sometimes referred to as “switch from carbohydrate fat metabolism.” With the high amount of carbohydrates in the diet our bodies to a minimum degree turns to fats as an energy source, leaving it untouched reserves and accumulating additional fat from food.This is the essence of the low-carb diet – if you select a source of energy, to make our body to pay more attention to the fat in our body is in excess. Carbohydrates, simpler and more affordable energy source, but their lack of (if the total calorie deficit), we will be forced to eat their fat reserves to ensure the normal functioning of the body. In addition, as mentioned earlier, the low level of carbohydrates will provide a low insulin secretion, making it difficult to accumulation of fat by the body. Well, at least not high amounts of carbohydrates will give low amount of calories, which will create an energy deficit.
2.                   high amount of protein in the diet performs several useful functions:
- Prevents the breakdown of muscle tissue, which begins to actively burned body with a lack of calories. This is due to the fact that certain amino acids forming part of proteins actively involved in energy metabolism and in the case of shortage of glucose, the body starts to use them to offset energy deficit arising while extracting data amino acids from muscle tissue and internal organs. Given a sufficiently large amount of protein from food we saturate the blood amino acids and, if necessary body and extract them out for their needs, and not from the muscles, for example, the kidneys. Muscle tissue, even at rest is an active absorber of energy and the less muscle mass, the easier it is to create a surplus of calories and thus accumulate fat under the skin. Own muscles should be protected, otherwise after the diet can recover from even fewer calories than before the diet.
- Protein foods requires a lot of energy on digestion, causing the body to burn even more calories, resulting in acceleration of the rate of metabolism. The amount of energy required for the digestion of carbohydrates much less fat and generally miserable. Consuming within reason many protein foods, we will Bole high energy expenditure at rest.
- Protein foods promotes saturation and elimination of hunger for a long time. Believe me, when the severe restriction of food hunger not just make you change your mind and return to your usual eating habits. Hunger will not allow you to stick to a diet for a long time and turn itself into a diet meal that will make everyday life very uncomfortable because of the constant irritation.
- The protein from the food when it is abundant in the least able to turn into fat in our body than carbohydrates and fat actually himself.
3. Fat from food against a low-carb diet is not so bad, but the amount must be kept at a low level in order to maintain an energy deficit.Completely eliminating fat from the diet is also impossible, for his role in the maintenance of normal life is very high. In this case, the amount should be replaced quality. The diet should be rich in essential fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, which help the body in the diet to the lack of carbohydrates and even in the absence of a diet switch to fat as an energy source, and it is very effective, it is inherent in the particular fatty acids Omega-3 . This will significantly increase the rate of fat loss, in what has long made sure those who have already used them. No less than three grams of polyunsaturated fatty acids in the day, and the result will not take long. Moreover, essential fatty acids, and essential phospholipids (lecithin) is extremely useful for improving the health and borrowing. So, linseed oil (the richest source of omega-3), a fish of the salmon family, soybean and olive oil, nuts, and lecithin as a nutritional supplement or from egg yolks to include in your diet is simply obligatory.
Secondly, we should always keep in mind a very important factor, the lack of calories the body is perceived as a threat of starvation!What does this mean? And the fact that even short periods of fasting, our body, seeking to prolong life as long as possible will slow down the metabolic rate to save every calorie, every gram save a backup source of energy, fat. Finally, after two weeks of following a low-carb diet results in getting rid of the fat will be zero! Many who have tried to lose weight by eating the minimum amount of food noticed that after a while the weight stayed on the same level. Blame it much slower metabolism. Even the gap between meals 5-6 hours leads to a slowdown in the rate of metabolism. Once our body begins to experience a shortage of energy, it would have to adapt to this by reducing the number of calories expended per unit of time. The metabolic rate is the key factor of what will be your figure, which I wrote about in the first part of the article. More than half of people with excess weight, eat very little and very rarely during the day and to help them lose weight can only go to starvation or to run for three hours a day. To avoid this, you need to eat during the day as often as possible (protein food, cottage cheese, cheese, fish, meat, green vegetables – cabbage, cucumbers, lettuce or foods high in fiber – beans, rye or whole-wheat bread flour) each meal speeds up your metabolic rate. So no, after 18 hours of fasting, eat at night 150 grams of fat cottage cheese with a lemon or salad leaf will be much more effective than fasting for 10 hours without a break and drive their metabolism to the minimum speed.
Now as for dieting.
As I said, any diet lose their effectiveness over time, and very short. To avoid this diet should be of a cyclical nature – that is, period of dietary restrictions should be replaced by a small interval of time, when all restrictions are canceled, then the period of limitation begins again. For example, you stick to the diet for seven days, using a low amount of carbohydrates, fats and high amount of protein, then for 2 days back to normal food, indulging in anything, not hesitating to fast food and what are called harmful food . And those who are beginning to follow a diet already Morillo himself to death, eating once a day with a piece of cheese, a salad and a glass of green tea, too, need to be fed so-increasing caloric intake by at least two times. During these two days the body “rest”, will understand that more starve it is not going to recover to the normal rate has decreased metabolic rate, and that is very important to restore the normal secretion of the satiety hormone leptin . This hormone regulates the feeling of fullness after meals. When a low-calorie diet the secretion of the hormone begins to decline and we are beginning to pursue a sense of hunger. For a couple of days off from his diet secretion to normal. Over the next seven days following the diet of its level in the blood will be more than enough to not make us overeat before start time. After that, go back to the seven-day period of dietary restrictions. Thus, feeding cycles, we will ensure that the weight loss will be a long time and will not stop in two weeks. Although it should be recognized sooner or later, even this scheme will lead to a dead end. This can take anywhere from months to years. The faster you reduce weight, the faster the body will react to this slowdown in the rate of metabolism, because rapid weight loss there and then they will be seen and perceived as a threat of starvation. When a lioness hunt, they are long and slow creeping to Buffalo to start the onslaught with a maximum close range, thus ensuring themselves that the victim will not have time to escape them. Slowly move the lioness is not perceived as a threat to the buffalo, because the attack is a fast moving, not lying on the ground. 10 pounds of weight strategically it would lose over two months than during one. In this case, our body does not immediately notice that it is trying to drain and by the time he realizes it yet, most of us have to reach the desired results. In addition, when we lose weight too quickly (eating too little) – just most of the lost weight on lean muscle mass, which can make the shape loose and friable.
To squeeze as much as possible from the diet for a limited period of time it is necessary to practice the exercise. Physical activity leads to spending a lot of calories and increase energy deficit, and most importantly accelerate metabolism for a long time, counteracting to some extent it slow down with diet. Many of us at all would be enough to increase their physical activity to start losing weight, not limiting themselves to the food. Plus, exercise, by enhancing anabolic help reduce muscle breakdown during follow a diet, but avoid muscle breakdown completely fail. Physiology of the body such that it does not select as a source of energy solely carbohydrates or fats, as it would need to get a large amount of energy over a short period of time, it will maximize this purpose amino muscle tissue. This is one more argument in favor of the diet should not be too hard. As one friend of mine, referring to bodybuilders – “two months of hard drying destroy muscle mass you gained during ten months.” Hunger is generally the most heavily leads to weight loss, but up to 50% of the weight can fall on the muscle tissue and metabolism during fasting will slow down so much that after his termination, you will type on even more weight than it was.
From the above the following conclusion, which is heard in the first part of the article: Strive to improve their metabolism and do not let it slow! must remember and strive to do during the day, eating as often as possible during the week – practicing cyclic scheme of dieting , within a month, limiting himself in the diet so as not to lose too much weight, for reasons that were described above (slow and steady wins – will continue, this saying here comes in handy)