How to remove belly fat with diet

By Elena Bouzali

How to remove belly fat with diet. Even if you do not look right because it is the well-known family of carbohydrates, the pasta is completely useless in your diet. Will you tell me, oh well I cut and makaronai with sauce, cheese, the carbonara, the poutaneska, the marinara? Are you crazy or you start a war with the pizza?’ll Say. I love spaghetti. Eat at least twice a week. But. The experts say. Even if you remove from your life this wonderful otherwise taste, you’d better. To say something else? Instead of the normal, eating whole? Yes, much better until you do not eat at all (say these bad nutritionists).

I put sugar in coffee? Have you completely mad? Let that alters the taste (yes, good). The other with the second coffee I? Upon says second drink, not your needs, it is presumed not put sugar nor Saccharin kathoti treated product.




If you still reading this text, is summarized below what you could not eat and feel much better everyday. Exixoumai that will not talk about dieting. For that period in our lives that we exaggerate with some things for a serious purpose. Talk in general. How good is slowly not find in the refrigerator or kitchen cabinets you some things. Now that winter is coming and do not move so much.

These do NOT and DO



1. Spaghetti - Eat whole

Two. The 3 white: Salt – Sugar – Flour - Put pepper, take black chomi

Three. The thick red meat - chose chicken and fish

4. Pies, pies, zamponotyropites, kimadopites, kaseropites - Make a toast

5. Fried foods - stews

6. Sweets and ice- You need confidence

7. Soft drinks and alcohol - Drink Maker

8. Sausage - I lysaxeis

9. Prepared dishes with thousands of preservatives and canned - invite friends for dinner

10. Fat cheeses - are fattening

11. Dried fruit - Why not fresh?

12. Potato chips and french fries - Boiled potatoes

13. Juice - oranges alum

14. The dressing on salads - Put olive oil



You already know that as do evil, but justify that make your mood. How many times did you eat spaghetti in night out and then want to sleep? For not ask for tagliatelle. How often have you said, but many calories a pie? How will I burn? Diabetic prefers strawberries and avoid the sweetest fruits, such as bananas, grapes, mangoes and pineapples. He knows something. Alcohol is always an issue. Better to limit yourself to one to two glasses of wine, and not daily. All juices have sugar trade.

What can replace the salt? With paprika or pepper. Avoid excesses in coffee and tea. By plants decoction prefer thyme and traditional ginseng. At least three times a week to eat oily fish and nuts, especially almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts because their content of fatty acids Omega-3 helps to combat bronchitis, winter is coming.

Last but very important. Studies have shown that the depression has gotten dimensions because of the food industry, which is poor in vitamins and minerals.