Foods Help Remove Eliminate Belly Fat

Foods Help Remove Eliminate Belly Fat | Does green tea to lose weight? Does green tea to lose weight ?Regular readers of my blog know that in one of his earliest articles I wrote about became popular Aloe Vera and its beneficial effects on the body and health.

In this article I want to focus on another green assistant, who won great popularity. It is a well-known green tea. Once again, let’s see whether green tea helps to lose weight and if so, how effectively.

Green tea is probably one of the most popular herbal infusions used by humans since ancient times and is very popular throughout the world. It is believed that green tea is the birthplace of China, although its origin is related to other Asian countries, including Japan and South Korea.
This plant is known throughout Europe and North America, where it competes with coffee and other herbal teas.

Of course, the tea can grow not only in Asia. Nevertheless, depending on the area and the weather conditions at which the tea is grown, it depends tea flavor and content of biologically active substances therein. This in turn can affect how green tea helps to lose weight.

Benefits of green tea for weight loss

Sure, you are well known for the traditional ritual of some countries to drink tea in the afternoon. By itself, it is very good, but the benefits from the consumption of this drink is not just about the pleasure derived over a cup of hot tea.

Drinking tea strengthens not only health, but also a state of mind. Green tea has a strong tonic and refreshing effect. It is not a coincidence, since the plant contains high amounts of caffeine (35 mg per cup).

Green tea is rich in vitamins – mainly vitamin C, vitamin D, and catechins (belong to a group of bioflavonoids), which is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants.

Not once did I mention that antioxidants are able to disarm and eliminate the body of harmful free radicals that cause aging and many degenerative diseases. Therefore, there is a widespread belief that green tea increases the lifetime (with regular admission).

It is highly recommended to drink green tea to prevent fatigue and reduce stress levels during long-term psycho-emotional stress. Vitamins C and P, is extremely important for the safety of the elasticity and strength of blood vessels and keep them in the normal circulation of blood.

Green tea has a cleansing action, particularly on the blood and blood vessels. It is highly recommended to drink green tea for smokers, since smoking is much more intense vitamin C is destroyed and they need more. Furthermore, green tea body triggers release of nicotine.

Green tea is a strong diuretic, has a beneficial effect on the kidneys and urinary system and helps eliminate toxins from the body. In general, this plant is very beneficial to the overall metabolism of human, activates and optimizes it.

With regular use of green tea will help to improve your digestion digestion.

Does green tea to lose weight? One of the most widely known and most popular properties of green tea is its effect on body fat, which led to the huge popularity of the drink.

Green tea leads to increased synthesis of hormones norepinephrine which in turn promotes burning of calories. Thus, the green tea is widely used to reduce weight and contained almost all the weight loss products, including fat burner.

It is particularly suitable for use in products for weight loss because it does not affect blood pressure. Its effect is very soft, does not cause stress to the body.

Some researchers boldly claim that regular consumption of green tea can successfully deal with the formation of tumors and cancer cells. This type of tea has a positive effect on the heart at the time, as it is useful for high blood pressure.

Green tea contains essential minerals such as zinc, which is essential for women, especially pregnant women.

How can you drink green tea?

Green tea is one of the top selling herbs in the market of our country. There are many kinds of green tea to choose the most appropriate, it is necessary to take into account the recommendations of manufacturers and importers in each case.

When brewed, it is recommended that the water is moderately hot. It will be able to extract more of the active ingredients, as well as to prevent the damaging effects of hot water.

The recommended daily dose is about 1-2 cups of green tea a day will not exceed the recommended 4 cups.